Canyoning Course

The course aims to teach the main techniques for descending a canyon in complete autonomy. This includes: How to plan a trip assessing the difficulties presented in a description, and how to deal with them along the route. Evaluating weather conditions and foreseeing problems like rising water levels. How to set up a stance with existing anchors or create new ones if these are damaged. The main knots and rope use in canyoning. The importance of jumps and how to read the movements of the water. Technical manoeuvres and basic self-rescue techniques.

The form of progression and rope use in canyoning is very different from normal rock climbing or mountaineering. The differences are fundamental for a safe descent and we analyse all the standard manoeuvres.

The final objective is to descend some medium difficulty canyons, autonomously setting up and descending the abseil lines.

Our organization will provide all the necessary technical materials although we do recommend having your own basic equipment in order to practice using it. Any equipment you do not have can be hired at a fixed rate of € 20 per day (wetsuit, wetsuit boots, buoyancy aid life jacket, helmet, slings, technical equipment, canyoning shoes, bags, etc.)

Minimum requirements:

  • experience of at least a couple of canyon descents, some experience using ropes to belay a companion rock climbing and abseiling, or experience moving together roped up on mountaineering routes.
  • Willingness to jump into deep water: the course will include exercises to improve your water confidence so that you are capable of diving in apnoea to recover dropped equipment.
  • The course will be held within the provinces of Trentino, Lombardia, and Veneto descending the best canyon routes in the area.

The course will be taught by Jacopo Pellizzari, an Alpine Guide specialized in canyoning who spends more time each summer in the water than on dry land.

2 weekends (4 full days)

330,00 € per person
For any information, to book and to agree on a specific program for your needs, contact us at the following addresses or by e-mail: Cell./WhatsApp +39 345 62 38 702