Tandem Paragliding

Come and experience paragliding in the marvellous Val di Ledro or over Lago d’Idro – our team of expert pilots are ready to go for your free flying thrills!

Anyone can take a tandem flight and no special training is required, you just need to be in good physical health and capable of running a few strides across a mountain meadow for take off.

Vertigo will be the least of your concerns because up in the air you are seated comfortably without fixed points of reference. 

Qualified pilot

Our fully qualified tandem flight pilot sits directly behind you, and you will soon be soaring over fantastic landscapes together. 
In flight the panoramas are endless, as you glide over rolling Alpine meadows and towering rock walls around the beautiful blue Ledro and Idro lakes.

For Events

Perhaps you have a group of friends who want to celebrate a stag or hen party?
Or you might be organizing a company trip and want your colleagues to enjoy a unique event? Keep in mind that our team of pilots can fly you together with your friends, just a few metres away from each other.

Your Video

We make sure you have a video to remember your flight! 
At the end of each trip we give you an SD card with the in-flight video, which starting from this year can also be recorded with GO PRO 360.


How a flight works and why it is suitable for everyone.

Meeting at our base with the pilots, introduction and clothing check. We indicate the landing site so that anyone accompanying you can meet us there.

Drive to the take off point in our shuttle bus (about 25 min.) up an incredible mountain track which on its own would be worth the flight fee!

Technical briefing with the pilot on how to behave during take off, flight, and landing.

Ready for take off! Enjoy your flight and feel free to suggest your own exciting ideas to your pilot, who will be happy to comply!

Ready to land? Approaching the ground is a moment of pure emotion, when you most need to trust your pilot.

Unique experiences deserve to be remembered and so we give you an SD CARD with your flight recorded in GO PRO HD.


Pieve di Ledro (Valle di Ledro)

Baitoni (Lago d’Idro)