Trentino Adventures a.s.d. was born in the spring of 2014, founded by Enzo Colò (preseident), Devis Cigalotti (administrator) and Jacopo Pellizzari (vicepresident).

The association was born of their passion for free flight paragliding, The main objective was to promote the activity and create a place where all those who want to experience this fascinating sport can do it.

The first step is a trial flight with a paragliding pilot licensed to guide tandem flights. Enzo and Jacopo have the aforementioned licence, and they promoted this sport in Val di Ledro (Ledro Valley), Valle del Chiese (Chiese Valley) and in the area surrounding Lake Idro, going as far as Madonna di Campiglio during winter, as Jacopo works there as a snowboard instructor.

Their intent is to let people experience the feelings of flight and bring them about to attend the courses held by the founding member and instructor Tiziano Cara.

What keeps the group together though, and makes it grow year by year, is PASSION: for flying, for creating opportunities and experiences, for canyoning, for climbing, for trekking, for the mountains and the joy of living.

The official headquarters is in Baitoni, in the area called Idroland, official landing zone and location of the flight school.

You can also find us in the Ledro Valley, in the town of Pieve di Ledro, in Via Nuova 7, next to the Tourist Office, where we have a climbing facility and an Alpine Guide office that lets you book any of our outdoor activities: climbing courses, via ferrata, canyoning, trekking.

Trentino Adventures Staff