Acro Tandem

This is a serious and demanding option reserved to paragliding pilots with a lot of flying experience and SIV course certification, who want to get into paragliding acrobatics.

The course goes beyond simple wing overs and spirals, with the execution in tandem of complex manoeuvres that place high mental and physical demands on the passenger. Flying tandem with Lino you can get to grips with infinity tumbling, helico, SAT, and dynamic full-stall!

Not many companies are lucky enough to have Italian national acrobatics team athletes on their staff.

Lino Colò is one of these and he will introduce you to the world of acrobatics with his Malroon wing.

Booking: call or write to us to discuss the types of manoeuvres that will be performed. IMPORTANT: to take part in this activity you must be a licensed pilot with current insurance cover. The forces generated during these manoeuvres are beyond the tolerance of those who do not understand the dynamics of a paragliding wing, with accelerations that can be harmful to personal health. It is essential to be in perfect physical and mental health.

Cost 390 € per person personalized discount for large groups or families PAY BY BANK TRANSFER Account holder / c: Trentino Adventures asd Cassa Rurale di Ledro BCC – Viale Chiassi 9 _ Ledro (TN) IBAN: IT95L0802672140000000072572 BIC / SWIFT: CCRTCCRTIT2T06A Amount: 390 € Reason: tandem flight NAME SURNAME

Meeting Point

Idroland – Trentino Adventures
Strada ai Gregi, 64, 38080 Baitoni TN