Fly Safari

What is our

Fly Safari?

We organize guided flying excursions for insured licensed flyers, led by one of our expert instructors. This is an opportunity for groups of friends or flying schools based far away to “hire” one of our local pilots. Together you can to explore some of the best locations under the optimum conditions and ideal time of day for a five star flight.

You are free to choose the number of flying days. Each evening we hold a briefing to explain the general features of the next location, main take off points, hypothetical flight plan, emergency landing sites, an assessment of weather conditions based on the most reliable local websites with observations from our expert, and strategies for best exploiting the typical air currents in the area. When it is time to call it a day the team maintain radio contact and our collaborators will be ready to pick you up with one of our shuttle buses, wherever you land.

We have a collaboration agreement with SUPAIR ITALIA and so you also have the option of trying out the latest paragliding products from this leading French company, and if you are impressed you can buy them directly from us.